PT. Sources Alfaria Trijaya Tbk. as the owner of the network re-create a mini Alfamart new breakthrough in providing services to consumers is by providing a versatile space that is named "Home of Albi" it's promo indonesia from alfamart indonesia

Albi home is a special space in stores Alfamart options that can be utilized by the community as a place to gather, socialize, interact, deliberation, and various other activities.
"This is our form of devotion to the people who need space to move," said Solihin, Corporate Affairs Director Alfamart.
According Solihin, Albi house can be used by all levels of society as free as the social gathering, youth or other communities to do various activities such as gathering, birthday, watching together, cooking demonstrations, gymnastics, youth, meeting people, and various activities outside of SARA and POLITICS.
"The purpose of this is in addition to Albi house to accommodate the surrounding community who need a place to move is also to encourage communities around Alfamart outlets as well as create a good mutual relationship between Alfamart and society," he said.
Facilities and Procedures for FilingVariety of community facilities that can be utilized in the House Albi them are air-conditioned room, table and chairs, sound system and a bathroom. How can the public ways to utilize the space?The first representatives of the community / communities have come to the booth that has a house Albi Alfamart to see the schedule of use of the room and met with officials of the store. Store officials will then give the form to be filled.

Second, after the form is filled in should be taken to the RT / RW Albi home where the resident to obtain a permit.Third, bring the form filled out and signed and stamped by an official RT / RW to store Alfamart for review. If approved, the store will print the official receipt and use of space given to the Community Home communities or community representatives. In these structures there is a schedule of use of house Albi.
Finally, take it and show the official receipt to the store to be validated just prior to the public using the Community House.If valid, then the store officials will sign and stamp the receipt. After that, then people can use the Community House."We expect house Albi is a great benefit for the environment and can actually be used as well as possible by the community, not abused," said Solihin.
SME trainingIn addition to formalizing House Albi, in the event Alfamart also collected 30 small medium entrepreneurs who are around outlets Alfamart to be given training in entrepreneurship, especially home-based shop management procedures. The event is also supported by the Department of Industry, Trade and cooperatives, as well as the Association of Retail Bandung Indonesia (APRINDO).
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